Matt Goodfriend

Project Principal, New England Region


With 25 years in the industry, Matt has done it all! He spent his early days working as a laborer for his grandfather’s design/build company in South Carolina before he became president of a high-end residential construction company in Massachusetts. Throughout his career, Matt has pursued impeccable quality standards and built strong project teams. As Dowbuilt’s New England project principal, he will continue to guide teams to execute exceptional craft and solid project management. 
Matt’s approach to ensuring a successful build experience is all about establishing strong relationships built on trust and confidence. He believes in communicating early and often throughout the process, so clients feel empowered to make informed decisions.  With a strong background of collaborating with architects and extensive experience in the field, Matt can ensure projects seamlessly transition from the design phase to construction. 
Exceptional quality is a cornerstone of Dowbuilt’s approach and Matt embodies this value through his honesty, focus to maintain design intent, and work ethic. No matter if it is developing an estimate or on a site walk through with clients and designers, Matt does not cut corners or do things halfway. He expects the best from himself and supports his team to expect the best from themselves.