Mutiny Bay Retreat by BosworthHoedemaker

Mutiny Bay Retreat

New Construction
Finish Date: 


This new waterfront retreat overlooking Mutiny Bay on Whidbey Island was designed by architect Steve Hoedemaker for a family of four who had been vacationing on the island for decades. The house was built to appears as if has always been there -- vintage -- yet functioning with all the amenities of a modern home. While the house may seem simple from the outside, building it to seem vintage and to disguise its technology was complicated. 

The staining on the exterior trim and shake material was hand-dipped using a four step process to achieve mild variations of gray, creating a textile-like exterior matte. The automated featues of the house are controlled by state-of-the-art technology that can be operated through an iPhone. The layout is designed to accommodate many groups without feeling cramped.