Residential Service



At Dowbuilt, the care we put into building relationships is as important as the craftsmanship that goes into each home we build. It’s no surprise our clients trust us to continue caring for their homes once the build has finished. Our experienced team of service superintendents work to ensure the experience you have with your home is continually at its best.

Regular maintenance
Cleaning gutters, washing windows, seasonal maintenance, adjusting door knobs, fixing hinges and windows, changing lightbulbs and more...

Renovations and small projects
Installing art, deck addition, installing doors, small remodel projects...

Appliance and HVAC installation or upgrade
Installing AC or a new system, updating a furnace, changing a filter, cleaning ducts...

Puttering, handiwork and general looking after
Keeping an eye out for anything that needs adjusting as well as installing artwork or running errands.

Preventative care
Weatherizing for winter, cleaning up and organizing rooms or storage.

Emergency response and dispatch
Running to the rescue to take care of leaks or any issue -- twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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