Residential Service

At Dowbuilt, the care we put into building relationships is as important as the craftsmanship that goes into each home we build.

It’s no surprise our clients trust us to continue caring for their homes once the build has finished.

Dowbuilt has the honor of caring for many distinguished one-of-a-kind residences. Our experience has taught us that even the most finely crafted structures require maintenance. Active living and weather can accelerate the natural aging process of any home. The Dowbuilt Service Team provides ready resources, craftsmanship and the care required to preserve the architectural integrity, comfort and value of your home. We believe that every home is a lasting relationship and customer satisfaction is a long-term commitment. Our service team is dedicated to helping every residence thrive for a lifetime, regardless of who built your home.


Our skilled service superintendents focus on providing quality work, personal service, and customer satisfaction.


If you think of ways to further enhance your home experience, we are here to help. Our service team can handle jobs too large for a single handyman. We can add and update kitchen appliances, create new outdoor dining areas, build extra storage space, coordinate A/V upgrades, and much more.


If you have an issue, you can call us. Whether you have a simple lock-out, or a more complicated situation that requires coordination of subcontractors, your service superintendent has the ability to mobilize for time-sensitive work.


With any home, there is some amount of routine maintenance needed to keep it in excellent condition. We can outline the recommended steps, duration, and frequency for care of your home. We will work with you to prioritize a maintenance schedule and provide estimated costs to meet your needs.


Whether you are enjoying outdoor living or preparing for the storm season, we are happy to assist. We can adjust lighting and irrigation systems, clean gutters and roofs, install screens or shutters, relocate outdoor furniture, and coordinate tree trimming or pest control.

We have service teams ready to assist you in the following areas of the country: Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, Southern California, Hawaii, Rocky Mountains, Texas, New York, and Florida. 

Contact Dowbuilt service at [email protected]