Tim Farrell

Managing Principal


Tim is energized by connecting with people and passionate about facilitating projects that meet the needs of clients and budgets. With more than15 years of experience designing, building and developing various structures from commercial to residential to a resort in Mexico, Tim has cultivated a passion for bringing amazing design to life that satisfy the most unique challenges.

Tim started his career as a project engineer, working with Jim Dow and now as a project principal for the Seattle area at Dowbuilt, he cultivates long-term relationships with new clients and leads Dowbuilt’s unique approach to building amazing residences. He holds a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Washington and has spent his career working in the construction industry.

As Managing Principal, Tim provides support to the principals throughout the company to help ensure consistency and quality across all our projects.  Through development of principal systems, cross-regional strategy, and dedicated mentoriship, Tim continues to bring his talent for conecting people and delivering exceptional houses.