Sister Cabins


New Construction
Finish Date: 



Tucked into the rolling hills of Eastern Washington, a pair of cabins detailed in durable, locally-sourced materials inside and out, are built-to-last with little maintenance in a remote location — underlining the importance of durability in sustainable design. Careful architectural detailing highlights the materiality of exposed plywood paired with salvaged wood from a local barn dating back to the 1890s. Installed with special care and craftsmanship, the barnwood shares its history on its patinaed surface with all its scars, wear — and even lichen — left intact. To minimize the impact of the new cabins on the land, previously-developed locations were selected on each ranch. This reduced the number of trees that would have to be removed to accommodate the new construction, and simplified access to existing utilities, causing less disruption to the surrounding land. In remote locations, being light on the land is important both for the longevity of the construction and for being an integral part of the place, rather than a blight upon it.