Laurelhurst Cliffhouse designed by Tom Kundig

Laurelhurst Cliff House

New Construction
Finish Date: 


At Laurelhurst cliff house, we were challenged to build a modern home on a steep waterfront site in one of Seattle's most affluent neighborhoods. Site access was limited to the neighborhood street, while the rest of the lot dropped 84 feet to the lakeshore below.

The Olson Kundig-designed residence functions as both an art gallery and private sanctuary. As avid art collectors and philanthropists, our clients requested an open, flexible, and inviting floorplan that also maintained privacy and a residential feel.

The solution was a series of spaces and moveable walls to accommodate large family gatherings and rotating art installations for various mediums. Every inch of this home was carefully planned to be able to display and illuminate art. Customizable track lighting, backing behind walls, recessed screens for multi-media pieces, and state-of-the-art systems help the home operate like a modern museum.

The house's exterior is clad in weathered steel and rough wood, serving as a textural backdrop for the home's trellised garden. Sustainable strategies include a photovoltaic system, solar evacuation tubes, and reclaimed materials used in both the structure and interior custom furnishings.