Tim Glick

Project Principal for the Rocky Mountain Area


Building homes against the background of the Rocky Mountains for over 25 years, Tim relishes solving the complexities of building in the region. His time in high-end residential construction in and around Wyoming has taught Tim that achieving quality work in such a weather-dependent region comes down to planning, experience and dedication. This, along with a simple template of honesty, talent, and hard work allows for a fluid and consistent build experience in even the harshest of conditions. Bringing an analytical mind and an artistic eye to each project, Tim is a nuanced problem solver who consistently balances the client’s design intent with their budget goals.  Leaning on his talent for effective mentorship Tim builds and maintains successful project teams.

At Dowbuilt, we believe that strong relationships with our partners is the key to our success. Tim embodies this through respectful communication, engaged curiosity, and a commitment to providing our clients with the best build experience.