Paul Mesojednik

Senior Service Superintendent


Paul is a founding member of the Dowbuilt service team and has been instrumental in the development and success of the department. As senior service superintendent, Paul’s focus on client care and quality craftsmanship has helped him build lasting relationships with his clients and their families.

Paul is like a Swiss Army knife for your home. He is a talented finish carpenter, expert leak finder, and enjoys tackling special projects. He always goes the extra mile for his clients, showing up during heavy rainstorms to check gutters and shoveling walks before it freezes. With his easy smile and great sense of humor, Paul is easy to communicate with and can succinctly explain complex issues. Clients love him, subcontractors respect him, and our whole team looks up to him.

In his spare time, Paul helps lead Dowbuilt’s Rampathon construction and has worked with Sawhorse Revolution’s student builders. An avid outdoorsman, you can also find Paul fly fishing and angling in streams throughout the Pacific Northwest and Rockies.