John NovoGradac

Regional General Superintendent for Northern California


John has been working in high-end residential construction in the Bay Area for over 30 years.  Over that time he has built an incredible working knowledge that he is now excited to share with our team of superintendents in Northern California.  As the Regional General Superintendent, John focuses on bringing his expertise to each site to ensure quality construction, collaborate on construction challenges with the team, provide safety support, and training on the Dowbuilt field systems. Looking at construction as a highly creative process, John approaches build challenges as an opportunity to solve in the way that best supports design intent.  As a naturally analytical person, John endeavors to completely understand complicated elements, often taking things physically apart until he understands exactly how to put them back together and how to improve on the initial construction.  In keeping with Dowbuilt’s goal to foster an environment that values curiosity, John constantly pushes himself to keep learning and bring new and innovate methodology to our teams.