Jeremy Von Wandruszka



Jeremy has spent a third of his career in the construction industry building residences with Dow Construction, Schuchart Corporation, Schuchart/Dow and Dowbuilt. He is a seasoned superintendent with a range of experience, from on-site supervision to project management and coordination with subcontractors. He is a journeyman carpenter and earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Idaho before starting work for Dow Construction.

Jeremy enjoys site meetings when solutions to challenges are worked out with the whole team. He finds satisfaction when the end result fits the client’s needs. One of his most memorable projects was building a home for a family on Mercer Island. When they moved in he could see immediately that the design, details and execution were perfect for them and how they lived, worked and played.

When he's not leading onsite work, he rescues old printers and electronics so that his kids can dissassemble them to learn about how things work. His motto, "we take it apart; we don't break it apart."