Janos Mathiesen

Manager of the Dowbuilt Shop


Janos began his career in a two-year furniture and cabinetmaking program which led to his first job in the marine industry lofting (the traditional way of laying out a boat hull) and building boats where he learned the craft of dealing with non-linear environments and how to think about working in those types of spaces. He went on to operate his own marine interiors company which specialized in large mega yacht interiors and has had his work published in numerous trade and yachting magazines.

He parlayed this early hands-on woodworking experience into a role working on residential construction projects.  He eventually found himself involved in large-scale residential projects with a niche role tackling complicated issues such as compound curve laminations and vacuum formed panels. “I am attracted to complex, beautiful projects that demand deep engagement.” In addition to practicing his craft in the Dowbuilt woodshop, Janos enjoys making bespoke leather and cloth goods.