Chris Lange



Completing a project at Dowbuilt is rewarding in itself. Chris would know, having been with the company since 1999 and completing 11 projects, each one with unique, complex architectural details. Chris is a master craftsman with a knack for working collaboratively to solve problems. He has more than 30 years in the residential construction industry, with positions ranging from general carpenter doing concrete, framing, finish work, and assembling Varco Pruden steel, to rebuilding homes with fire and water damage for insurance companies.

Chris is a master at managing on-site operations, overseeing all construction details, and running an efficient jobsite from start to finish.  He is driven to build homes to the highest standards of quality and craft, and to lead a process that is productive and efficient. With projects like 39th Street residence, Mercer Island renovation, and a recent steel and glass Madison Park residence under his tool belt, Chris has a strong working knowledge of the challenges and rewards that go into architecturally significant residences.