Brian Simmonds

Regional General Superintendent for Washington


Brian is a meticulous superintendent who understands the importance of getting every detail right. From preconstruction through punch list, he runs every job thoughtfully with precision and a keen eye for quality. A big believer that “planning makes perfect,” Brian takes the planning and preconstruction phases seriously. He reviews the plans until he can completely build a 3D model in his head; this process helps him fully understand the critical connection points and possible challenges. In his element when faced with new challenges, Brian brings more than 40 years of building experience and instinctive problem-solving to the project team. His construction expertise and demonstrated commitment to his projects consistently builds incredible trust and respect with clients, architects, team members and subcontractors. 


Brian on what makes Dowbuilt a great place to work: 

"Coming from being self-employed, I really appreciate the great support system at Dowbuilt. From principals and PMs to our foremen and administrative teams, the team is great and allows me to concentrate on the details of a build. I mean, it’s really amazing. When I was thinking about switching over to a new company I had this perception that Dowbuilt was a huge company where I would just be another number. I ended up listening to an old colleague and gave them a shot. After just my first interview I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dowbuilt felt like a small company, felt like family. Over my time here I’ve felt very valued. Dowbuilt recognizes and embraces talent and encourages us to build and spread that knowledge. As someone actively training our field team, it gives me great pleasure to share everything I’ve learned over my decades in the industry - why I do things, why I’ve learned not to do them other ways. Craftsmanship can often feel like a dying art but Dowbuilt knows this skill is at the heart of what we do and really fosters it."