Ben Cooley

Regional General Superintendent for the East Coast


Ben’s passion for building started in the timber frame barns and historic homes of Connecticut.  Working on complicated structural designs or diving into what laid behind old walls, Ben developed broad framing and carpentry skills.  From there he continued to build aptitude not only in the field but on the project management side, working as a site supervisor and assistant project manager on a handful of residential builds. As Regional General Superintendent, Ben combines all his experience to ensure successful execution of Dowbuilt jobs across the region.  Acutely aware of the importance of schedule to the success and budget of a project, Ben works with Superintendents to consistently review project milestones, provide quality control, and support our teams on scope clash detection, jobsite management, subcontractor quality management.


Years of competitive rowing taught Ben valuable lessons in how to create a productive and supportive atmosphere, one where everyone feels like they can perform at their highest level.  He enjoys site meetings when solutions to challenges are worked out with the whole team. He finds satisfaction when the end result fits the client’s needs.  Ben embodies Dowbuilt’s focus on relationships and quality craft.  As a Regional General Superintendent, Ben ceaselessly works with East Coast project teams to make the build experience and final product exemplary.