We Are

Builders and craftsmen

with a deep appreciation for the opportunity

to work with our clients and architects to create memorable, unique homes. We love beautifully designed and crafted buildings.




Jim Dow believes that masterful architecture requires masterful builders. That is why he founded Dow Construction in 1980. His passion for beautiful, well-constructed homes is evident in his forty-year career collaborating with renowned architects and designers in Seattle and throughout the country. He loves finding innovative solutions to creative challenges and assembling world-class teams to build world-class residences.

While building mostly in the pacific northwest, Schuchart/Dow has had the unique opportunity to partner on some amazing residences internationally and in remote vacation areas.


"Schuchart/Dow is awesome! They are assembling the most amazing house for Barb and me. Integrity and passion throughout the entire organization I feel very fortunate to have such a world class organization on the team." 


To do this, we hire the best in project management, carpentry, job oversight and labor. We build an environment for each individual to thrive, achieve and innovate.

We respond to client needs

What comes to us are jaw-dropping designs.


We get it done right, the first time.


We work our hearts out, setting new standards for quality and excellence and reveling in the satisfaction of delivering the best for our customers.

Building, is why we are here.


Partners. Our greatest assets are the partnerships we've cultivated throughout the years we've been building custom residences. We believe in collaboration and know that the best products are created through strong relationships and an unwavering quest for quality construction.

Builders. For us, construction is a natural extension of the design process. We understand the complexity of modern architecture and how the infrastructure must be exact for the finishes to be flawless. Our unique approach to building means you get to dream, create and rest assured that your moments of inspiration and the genius design you have put into place will be completed the way you want.

Craftsmen. We are not just another builder claiming to be craftsmen. We have learned through a slow process of doing the work, time and again. Our reputation has been built through discipline, repetition and apprenticeship. That means you get a job done right, the first time, like you imagined.